Real estate and construction

  • Accomplishment of full legal due diligence of real estates, including examining the right of ownership of the previous owners; examining all recordings in the relevant registers concerning the real estate; examining the absence of encumbrances or other third party rights on the real estate, or the lack of other defects of the right of ownership, etc.;
  • Drafting any types of contracts and agreements related to real estate transactions, upon careful analysis of all legal aspects and contractual terms and conditions;
  • Assistance in the preparation and procurement of all the documents necessary for the notary certification of the transaction, including powers of attorney, applications, declarations, tax evaluations, sketches, etc .;
  • Providing any kind of legal consultations under the Territory Planning Act and the related thereto regulations, review and analysis of construction papers, preparation/consultation of construction contracts (including contracts concluded under FIDIC), representation before the competent authorities and institutions, etc.;
  • Analysis of the tax-legal aspects of a respective transaction;
  • Preparation of legal documentation related to management of real estate;
  • Legal assistance in obtaining bank financing for purchasing а real estate;