Administrative services

  • Provisioning of various types of real estate documents, such as various types of property certificates (on real estate burdens, on restitution claims, on identity, on the property regime chosen by the spouses, etc.), provisioning of sketches/schemes of property, getting of a certificate of heirs of an owner, etc.;
  • Provisioning of various types of documents for individuals, such as certificates of conviction, various types of certificates on the civil status of individuals (a certificate of permanent/current address, a certificate of marital status, a certificate of identity of names, etc.), registration of a child (a Bulgarian citizen) who is born abroad, registration of a marriage which is concluded abroad by a Bulgarian citizen, etc.;
  • Assistance with respect to getting the lawful residence of foreigners in the country, the issuance of Bulgarian ID documents, and representation before the competent state bodies, etc.;
  • Representation before various state or municipal authorities for the purpose of getting certain documents, participations in pertinent procedures, etc.;